About DM1936

DM1936 aspires to create beautiful and accurate looking vintage mechanical timepieces for all its customers to enjoy. We believe that owning a high quality and complicated mechanical timepiece does not have to be expensive. At DM1936, we also try to invent new unique timepieces like the Emergency-Tool (E-Tool) which is a DM1936 invention thus giving the watch its one of a kind identity which makes owning one an equally unique experience.

At DM1936, we are lovers, not fighters. We do not subscribe to any ideology that preys on or victimizes any group, race or religion. DM1936 is equally appalled by war and conflict of all forms past or present, and certainly does not support war or aggression in any form.

DM1936's current collections of military watches are created with the intention of presenting accurate looking vintage-style military timepieces.