DM1936 aspires to create beautiful, affordable and authentic looking vintage mechanical timepieces. DM1936 is proud to have invented the Emergency-Tool (E-Tool) to assist in replacing the leather strap and is unique only to DM1936. Even though we aspire to create authentic looking military timepieces, DM1936 does not support any particular ideology that oppresses another and is against war in any form. Peace & love to all!

    The Army pieces drew inspiration from watch the era of 30s and 40s. DM1936 conceptualised a piece that stays true to the era with very vintage styled piece, with high quality finishing. At 42MM it is at a very nice size that allows all the details to stand out nicely. I am a fan of the style of numerals and the Mercedes styled hands which looks classy and is a very well renowned.

    - WatchbBoySingapore -